Splash Skin Care & Extensions

 : Artisty in Lashes & Brows to enhance your natural beauty : 
: Making your routine effortless :
: High maintenance now to be low maintenance later : 

the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others   -Gandhi


Enhancing your beauty

Eyelash Extensions

Certified Lash Stylists, using Xtreme Lashes, Borboleta Beauty, Sugarlash Pro, and other leading lash products. Providing the highest quality in products and education, ensuring safe and amazing results each time.


Licensed Permanent Cosmetic Artist performing a manual cosmetic tattoo technique, depositing pigment into the skin, creating hair-like strokes. Each brow is customized to your face, for define & natural brows.

Lash Lift

Offering a curled lift to your natural lashes. Upkeep is low maintenance and last up to 8 weeks without the use of lash extensions. To darken, add on tinting is available. 

Wax, Thread, Tint

Offering fast and detailed waxing or threading, and gentle & meticulous eyebrow and lash tinting

Nail Care

Offering European Waterless Manicures! Helps your hands retain moisture, polish lasts longer, and saves water!